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led flashlight, headlamp, camping lantern
Character: Mr. Chao
Place: Street
Occupation: IT
Age: 29
Hobby: Food, Riding, Wechat
Chao is the name his friends called, IT Otaku, but he loved riding and having dinner with his companies except wechat and computer. We found him on the street with his riding companies and he was the only one without riding clothes and helmet.
Interviewer: Chao, come, take a photo.
Chao: Why choose me?
Interviewer: Because you are unprofessional, without helmet, riding clothes and there is no flashlight on the bike flashlight holder. The most important thing that your companies won’t wait for you, we have plenty of time to chat, hahaha.
Chao: The fact is to have plenty of time to chat.
Interviewer: Haha, Chao, don’t be too smart, I take fast, stand there with the flashlight, come, change the post, no, no, higher head, head down, move here, better ride on the bike? Or? (Half hour pass away)
Interviewer: Thanks for your cooperation, Chao, you can go home now, but you definitely can not catch them up.
Chao: I take the modified electric vehicle.
Interviewer: ……
Chao left us by his electric vehicle after shooting. Most of time, we are not professional in the hobby, but it can bring a lot of funs. Enjoying it, not need to professional, good attitude to every day.

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