History of Nankang
Early 2005, white light Led was born in Japan and developed in US, it was widely used in different applications for its high brightness, low power consumption and long lifetime. Nankang seized the opportunity and studied how to improve the traditional flashlight, kept the long lifetime, high efficiency functions and made the suitable products for the common life.
In 2006, Nankang successfully launched its own brand “Nankang” Led flashlight. This series used the US original top CREE high bright Led, lifetime up to 10,000 hours, 5 times luminous efficiency and 70% power saving than the traditional flashlight. It is very popular after the launch.
In 2008, “Nankang” brand successfully applied several appearance and technical patents, it devoted itself to technological innovation, product improvement and complete sales network. At the end of 2008, “Nankang” brand was getting more and more popular in the domestic flashlight market by complete product agent system and national sales network.
In 2011, “Nankang” did the visual identification system improvement which better express “Nankang flashlight, light the globe” brand theory. The trademark is the shape of one Led flashlight, “N” and “K” are the initial letter which combined with the brand name to be a flashlight logo. VIS improvements better enhanced the marketing positioning and promote the brand image.
In 2012, “Nankang” flashlight already covered the whole market in china and promoted the brand through integrated marketing communications in outdoor media, magazines, news and network, etc. “Nankang” became the top brand in the domestic market by its superior products and market awareness.
In 2013, Nankang entered into international market by improving the international market products and package. Now products are exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, America, it finished the transition from OEM to international own brand.
In 2015, Nankang officially signed Zhengjun He to be the celebrating branding. Zhengjun He has same image with Nankang, it is modest and practical which expressed Nankang’s wish to develop products base on people’s life and offer high quality products in daily life.
In 2016, Nankang brand mascot “Liangliang” born, “Liangliang” means lighting in Chinese, it represents Nankang unite, practical, innovative hardworking attitude. Nankang, lighting up your life!
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