Corporate culture

Nankang always pay attention to the corporate culture construction, conduct the training regularly, help the employees to improve the ability and team spirit, achieve their goals. Nankang has own morning exercises, employees do the exercises every day, it helps to build the team cohesive force. Also, enhancing the communications between the employees and the leaders in a relaxing atmosphere and improve the employees’ physical heath and psychological heath. In human concerns, Nankang tried its best to make the employees to have the sense of belonging. For example, sending the moon cake on the mid-autumn festival and rice dumplings on dragon boat festival, organizing dining and birthday parties every month and two travels in one year. Company is another home for the employees. Besides, Nankang cares about staffs physical heath, will organize the regular physical examination and every week outdoor activities, like, basketball, badminton, swimming, riding, climbing, camping, etc.
Nankang participated in many charity activities after establishment and tried its best to help people and areas who in need.
Heard that people from remote Liujiacao village always suffer from the blackout and bring inconvenient in the daily life for the under population and poor power network, Nankang leader immediately built the charity team to send the flashlights in case of the blackout. We strongly follow the belief that Nankang companies with you in the life.

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