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Nankang fishing light series, enjoying the fishing


led flashlight, headlamp, camping lanternled flashlight, headlamp, camping lantern
When the summer comes, the fishing amateurs would more like to fishing at night. But it was very dark at night, what we can do? Nankang fishing light can fix that.
What is fishing light? Nankang has the models like NK-217, NK-214, NK-212, NK-211. Fishing light brings the convenient for night fishing. In order to catch the movement of the fishing float, it needs the special light to judge the fishing circumstance.
Nankang fishing light is long run time which can last whole night. Blue light won’t scare the fishes and won’t make the eyes tired for long time staring; white light can be used to sort out the fishing tools. Also, NK-217 has the display screen which show the remaining power directly.

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